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Once you have completed the setup of the CO-DRIVER NO1 in the OOONO app, and you have enabled Bluetooth and Location services on your phone, then the automatic connection ensures a hassle-free experience.
As soon as your vehicle starts moving, the OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1 will attempt to automatically connect to your phone.


If you wish to establish connection before your vehicle starts moving, you can open the OOONO app on your phone, which will initiate pairing between the OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1 and your phone.

A successful connection is indicated with a green flashing light and audible feedback from the OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1.

The automatic connection between your phone and the OOONO CO-DRIVER NO1, requires certain settings to be enabled or disabled on your phone. You can find the complete list here:
- Required phone settings | CO-DRIVER NO1

If you keep experiencing connection issues after correcting your settings, we advise you to replace the battery in the CO-DRIVER.

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