Multiple devices | CO-DRIVER NO1

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Your smartphone can be connected to any number of CO-DRIVERs (but only one at a time).

You can connect another CO-DRIVER NO1 to your smartphone, or you can use your CO-DRIVER NO1 with another phone.
The first time you connect a CO-DRIVER NO1 to your smartphone, you need to download the OOONO app and follow the first-time setup procedure. Select from the two options below, to access the correct setup guide for your need:

When you are connecting a new CO-DRIVER to your smartphone, it's important that your existing CO-DRIVER isn’t connected to your smartphone already.

You can check this in the OOONO app.
Go to My devices and ensure your current CO-DRIVER says "Not connected" before you attempt to connect another CO-DRIVER NO1 device to your smartphone.

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