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When a new software update is available for your CO-DRIVER NO1, you will be informed in the OOONO app.

We advise you to ensure that the CO-DRIVER NO1 has sufficient battery capacity. If the update fails, it might be due to low battery capacity.


To complete the update, do the following:

  1. Open the OOONO App
  2. Click My Devices in the middle bottom part of the app.

  1. Ensure your app says that you are Connected to the CO-DRIVER NO1.
    (You can establish connection by driving a short distance in your car, or by shaking the CO-DRIVER while holding it in your hand)
  2. Click the Update Details button.

  1. Click Update now.
    (Make sure that your phone is close to the CO-DRIVER for the next 1-3 minutes)

If you are unable to perform the update or if the update fails, please see this for further troubleshooting:
- Software update issues | CO-DRIVER NO1

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